Sublimate mugs the easy way! Get sublimation mugs, a convection oven, ink, paper and other gear here!

I’ve compiled this list of links for you of sublimation supplies that I use to sublimate mugs in one easy place. I’ve tried innumerable products, and these are the ones that have given me the most success when it comes to sublimating mugs. Good luck!

oster french door convection oven

OSTER French Door convection oven

WORTHY Splurge!

It’s big and the doors allow for easy access! It’s definitely a splurge at $199 on amazon, but it’s oh so worth it. There is now a more updated digital version without the knobs. Get this one on Amazon.

Printers jack sublimation paper

PRINters Jack sublimation paper

Releases ink like a boss!

I’ve tried lots of sublimation papers, but Printer’s Jack releases ink better than any. This is their new non-curl paper with the pink box. It’s available on Amazon.

Silicone mug wraps

keeps everything tight!

You can’t sublimate mugs in a convection oven without one of these handy silicon mug wraps. They clamp together to create the pressure needed to imprint your sublimation image onto your mug. Get these on Amazon!

Sublimation Mugs

Cheapest cups i’ve found

You HAVE to buy sublimation coated mugs. You can’t just go to the dollar store or use an ordinary mug. It won’t work! I buy mine at JDS Industries or Amazon. The more you buy the cheaper they get.

Squid Ink


Love! love!

Seriously people! This ink rocks! Tony Ruiz is the genius behind Sublimation Zone Ink (formerly  Squid Ink) and he has a FaceBook group dedicated to helping those who use his sublimation ink. I love that I can buy sets or individual colors, too!

Heat proof gloves

heat resistant gloves

protect your hands!

Don’t even think if trying to sublimate a mug without heatproof gloves! I’ve tried regular oven mitts, but these give me way more maneuverability. A must have! Get them on Amazon.

Heat tape

Tape it all down!

Clear sublimation heat tape holds your printed image down onto your sublimation mug. Clear tape won’t leave marks on your mugs either! Don’t be skimpy with your tape as it’s inexpensive. Make sure every corner is taped down with heat tape.

Taylor oven thermometer


Most accurate!

Forget those cheap oven thermometers with the little dials. This Taylor Oven Guide Thermometer is the way to go. It’s far more accurate and easier to read. Amazon has the best price in my opinion.