Featured Video – How to Sublimate a Mug in a Convection Oven

This is the video that shows you exactly how to sublimate mugs in a convection oven! It’s 18 minutes long and quite detailed. It will guide you in how to sublimate a mug with professional results without a mug press or fancy doo-dads.

I’m not an actor, and I didn’t script the video (and jeez I should have done something better with my hair! LOL!)–but I didn’t really think about that when I made the video. I kept reading so many posts on various sublimation FaceBook groups with people wanting to know how to sublimate coffee mugs with a convection oven, didn’t have the correct information or didn’t even know sublimation with a convection oven even existed! I thought this would help someone sublimate mugs in an easy way that works for me!