Sublimate a mug with a convection oven!


Let’s get started!

Hi! Let me show you how to sublimate mugs WITHOUT the need for an expensive or annoying mug press! All you will need is a convection toaster oven, a silicone mug wrap and your standard sublimation printer, paper and ink to get this task done. I promise it will be easy, too!

I have a step-by-step video on exactly how to sublimate a mug. I will provide you with the links of what you will need to buy and where to get it. Simple!




There are certain sublimation products I just love because they make sublimating a coffee mug a breeze. I’ve tried lots of methods and gear, but this has just been what works the best for me with little fuss. I will let you in on everything you need to get started. But, here are some important tips:

Get the right convection oven!

Your convection toaster oven for sublimation has to be XL or tall. A teeny convection oven just won’t cut it. But this doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. Also, as a warning, you can only use your this oven for sublimation ONLY. Do not use it to also cook food in afterward. Sublimating releases gases, and you don’t want to be mixing that up with food. Have a dedicated convection oven you only use for sublimation.

You have to buy sublimation mugs!

Sorry, but you can’t run to Dollar Tree to buy a mug to sublimate on! You HAVE to purchase sublimation ready mugs that have a special coating. The good news is that these aren’t terribly expensive. Depending on the volume you buy, they can run around $1-$2.

Make sure your room has plenty of air!

You can out your sublimation convection oven in the garage or even outdoors, but if you are like me and have your sublimation convection oven in a craft room, be sure you can open a window to let out the gases that the sublimation process emits. It can be stinky!


Sublimation mugs are big sellers and terrific crafty gifts!

Sublimating a coffee mug for your own personal use or for re-sale? There’s no need for an expensive sublimation mug press where you have to worry about pressure and breaking a cup due to the force. With a mug press, you can only do one sublimation ceramic coffee mug at a time. With a standard kitchen convection toaster oven, you can sublimate one, two or even three mugs at one time! You can fit any sized mug you prefer: 11oz, 15oz and even bigger sublimation mugs if you choose.

A convection oven for sublimation has a lot less boundaries than a standard mug press. Yay!

I confess I’m no actress or movie star, so please bear with me with the video (it’s my first how-to ever! LOL!). I’ve tried to incorporate every aspect about how to sublimate mugs into one easy-to-follow video.